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Miner Dash PO3 Release

2009-09-06 20:25:04 by Flatthead

Hey guys, Miner Dash is finally released to the portal so please go vote and review. Medals are coming soon to the game I just don't know when so keep looking out for them!

Art/Animation- Me
Musician- AronKong
Voice ActingPawn007

This game was the first one I've ever created so I hope you like it. Power of Three has given me new experiences to actually work with people and discuss ideas and Concepts which was great and annoying at the same time. Miner Dash took about a month to create and thats mainly because I got a lot of the graphics and animation done before I found a programmer. This was never really for Power of Three but then Doon brought the subject to my attention and I decided to go with it. Anyways please enjoy our Hard Work! Vote and Review Fairly!

EDIT: SORRY FOR THE SPEED OF THE GAME! I think I'm going to take it down to do some editing and wait for the Medals.

EDIT2: The game was taken down due to gameplay issues and glitches. It will be back shortly fixed and with Medals!

Miner Dash PO3 Release


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2009-09-06 22:02:16

Why did you delete it?

Flatthead responds:

It had gameplay issues and glitches so people complained. It will be back up shortly


2009-09-06 22:12:57

"EDIT2: The game was taken down due to gameplay issues and glitches. It will be back shortly fixed and with Medals!"



2009-09-06 22:41:17



...then again, I am in love with you, so I guess i'll vote 5


2009-09-07 15:54:43

Sorry I never actually got around to beta testing it! All of a sudden I started school and then forgot about everything.

Flatthead responds:

Its all good I think i found all the glitches


2009-09-09 10:38:40

I played it while it was online, pretty cool but hard to play. You were too nazi about the edges I think, it would be good with some ground on the sides of the sets of tracks cause if I remember correctly you "died" pretty much as soon as you touched the edge, while you had bigger margins on the other side. Hope that makes sense :P

Also, perhaps I'm a bit blind, but what was the three theme in the game? :)

Flatthead responds:

The three characters you could play as and I guess you can count the gameplay songs