To whomever is curious,

What's up my Newgrounds post peepers? Oh, you don't know who I am? That's okay. I am hear to announce a new game I have in development for Inauguration/Pixel Day 2017! The game will feature everyones favorite Parks and Recreation conservative liberal Ron Swanson clashing heads with President-elect Donald Trump in a Beat em' up style gameplay! Just thought I would inform those few who do enjoy my annual one game (mini-game) release. Here is the design of the characters to wet your whistles.




Top Naut 2: Pixel Day

2016-01-24 13:15:45 by Flatthead

Hey guys check out my new game Top Naut 2! This game was only made in a week due to me finding out about pixel day a week ago, forcing me to use recycled graphics, but I want to add more content to it! So if you would check it out, leave a review, and let me know what would make the gameplay experience for it more enjoyable it would be much appreciated!




Top Naut and Log10Tech

2015-08-09 19:23:23 by Flatthead

Hello all,

It has been a while since I last submitted something on here, but my new game "Top Naut" is out! Check it out in the link below! It is a challenging fast paced side-scroller with skill based dodging manuevers. If there are any bugs please report them. Also, please leave a review and vote!